We are called to make disciples.  This process involves Winning people to Christ, Building and strengthening them in their faith, and Sending them into the harvest fields to serve the Lord.  

Jesus told his disciples that they would be fishers-of-men.  He sent them out to proclaim the truth, inviting people to place their trust in the Son of God.  This is how disciple making starts.  The gospel is proclaimed and people are given the choice to become disciples.

Disciples are followers of Christ.  We watch our Savior, listen to what he says and obey his commands.  Making disciples is helping others follow Christ.  We point others to Jesus, we teach others his words, and we model for them the life that he asked us to live.  Being a disciple is all about becoming Christ-like was we follow the One who loves us most.

God sends out his children to proclaim his love to the world and to demonstrate his goodness.  We are sent by God to our work placed, neighborhoods and communities.  Some of us are sent cross culturally or into parts of the city where there is no existing church.  Disciples go where the Lord leads them.