De ce Biblia?

We like to think that everyone who participates in SoulHub is an honest person.  In what sense? Everyone is looking for something.  Those who are part of SoulHub have the authenticity and courage to admit it.


We are looking for a great life.  We are looking for the truth.  We are looking for wisdom.  We want to discover guidance that can help us uncover life’s treasures.  Ultimately, we want to become the type of people who positively impact others around us.


For thousands of years people have been on this same quest.  Many have found what they were looking for in the Bible.  It is a book that speaks, guides and directs the hungry soul.


Take a look at the following film clip and then answer the questions below:

The film clip highlights that Jesus found the words of the Bible to be true and insightful.  He made it clear that the Bible pointed to Him.


In your opinion, why is it interesting that Jesus referred to the Scriptures as a reference point of truth? 


At different times in life the same person might have different opinions about the Bible.  What is your story?  What did you think about the Bible when you were young?  Did your view change?  What do you currently think about the Bible?

The Big Idea behind the Bible


Though it might seem obvious it needs to be stated for clarity:  the Bible exists because God speaks.  God has chosen to inform us of important things we need to know.  Some of those things could not be understood without God showing them to us.  From His infinite knowledge he selected key themes that the Soul needs to explore.


Having a God who communicates comes with amazing advantages.  We are not left to philosophize our own way toward spiritual truth.  We are not left to our own wisdom to determine what is true about God and man.  We are not consigned to follow the most popular view of reality that runs through our society.


Once God speaks, many things get quickly cleared up.


For instance, if someone wonders what kind of God exists and made the universe there are many answers given across the centuries.  God, not wanting this question to go unanswered spoke often about Who He is and what he desires.  There is One God, (Deuteronomy 6:5) who’s son is Jesus (Matthew 17:5).  This God loves us (Jeremiah 31:3), and cares deeply for us.


The God who speaks, guides us to know him, to understand truth and to find life’s purpose.  (John 14:6)


If God speaks, how might that affect our quest for truth, meaning and significance?

We can understand what God has written


We’ve all heard people share their opinions about the Bible.  You easily could have heard someone say that the Bible was difficult to understand. Some people have actually asserted that only special individuals can understand the meaning in the Bible.  At SoulHub, we’ve found the opposite to be true. Reading the Bible quickly enlightens us and challenges us.


This book that is called God’s Word, is not vastly complicated, nor is it an endless series of mysteries reserved for the enlightened.  If you want to take a look for yourself, find a little book called First John (near the end of the New Testament).  Take 20 minutes to read what is written there.  We think that you will understand a lot and be challenged by what you find.


Because God speaks, and his words are written the Bible, we at SoulHub enjoy discussing the great themes that are found in the Bible.  We believe that anytime that we get together and read and study the Bible that there will be significant personal benefit for all involved.  It actually produces life change.

It is More than just another Book


You likely have a lot of books at home or perhaps hundreds in electronic format in the phone that you carry with you.  We are a generation of books.  The Bible is a unique kind of book.  It is unique because it is authored by God.  It is unique because he guides us on how to know God through his Son Jesus.  It is a powerful book because it is living.  What does that mean?


The truths in the Bible are active principles that address every soul in every generation.  The message of the Bible answers questions and guides our steps.  All the way back in the Old Testament one reader of the Bible described it this way -

                       Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105)


We normally don’t describe a newspaper article this way.  Nor a novel.  The Bible is different.

So where do we go from here? 


It’s time to start reading. You will discover the significance of the Bible as you read.  You could start to read anywhere in the Bible.  If you wanted to start with the Life of Christ we would recommend that you read one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John).


Just for fun, here’s a little project that you can do…


Completează următorul studiu biblic:


Citește Matei 7:24-27 de trei ori!

24. De aceea, pe oricine aude aceste cuvinte ale Mele, şi le face îl voi asemăna cu un om cu judecată care şi-a zidit casa pe stâncă.

25. A dat ploaia, au venit şuvoaiele, au suflat vânturile şi au bătut în casa aceea, dar ea nu s-a prăbuşit, pentru că avea temelia zidită pe stâncă.

26. Însă oricine aude aceste cuvinte ale Mele, şi nu le face, va fi asemănat cu un om nechibzuit care şi-a zidit casa pe nisip.

27. A dat ploaia, au venit şuvoaiele, au suflat vânturile şi au izbit în casa aceea; ea s-a prăbuşit, şi prăbuşirea i-a fost mare." 


Te rog să faci cât mai multe observații posibile. Observațiile sunt simple fapte care se regăsesc în text. ( de ex.: erau doi oameni; unul era înțelept, celălalt era nebun; amândoi au vrut să construiască o casă; etc.)

Observații din Matei 7:24-27

Ce mesaj a dorit să comunice Isus ascultătorilor inițiali?  (Interpretare)

Ce înseamnă pentru noi, astăzi, acest mesaj? În ce fel el este încă relevant acum? (Aplicație)

Cum poți aplica tu acest mesaj în viața ta?  (Acesta este un pas care ne duce de la fi doar un ”ascultător”, la o persoană care ”împlinește”.) Ca răspuns al faptului că ”am auzit” cuvântul lui Dumnezeu, ce voi face ca răspuns la acest lucru?

Bucură-te de următoarea versiune artistică a parabolei spuse de Isus.



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