Tips for working with Follow-up

Tips for working with VOLT Follow-up

Paul spoke of being a “master builder,” that is knowing well what he was doing. We want to be like him as we serve the Lord.

Ask questions and Be Curious

The lesson is filled with questions. Each is designed for the new believer to answer. Let them wrestle with the text and discover the truth. As you listen to their answers be curious. Seek to know what they really believe. You would do well if the person with whom you are speaking did a great deal of talking during the lesson. Really find out what they think, and point them to God's Word. Let the Word develop their convictions.

Taking turns reading the Bible verses

The most important part of each lesson is the Bible. Make sure that your discussion is connected to God's Word. Have the person you are working with read some of the texts out loud. You can read the other passages. The texts are either visible in the lesson or one click away via a link.

Relax and enjoy the videos

Each Follow-up lesson contains at least one film clip. These short visual presentations add variety to your interaction. Some people will be quite happy that a clip spices up the material. Others will be less impressed. Obviously, we work with a wide variety of people. Take the time to let the other person enjoy the experience of watching the message.

Why is there no place for the student to write his/her answers?

Follow-up is intended to create an interactive discussion. We prefer discussion to time spent typing out answers.

Draw and doodle

Each person has the personal style. If you like to draw and sketch PLEASE DO. Make the Follow-up lesson YOURS. Add your personality. Share your heart. If you work best with pen and paper ... by all means!