Discipleship practices

Elements of Effective Discipleship

While it is true that discipleship cannot be distilled into a formula, there are primary elements that strengthen it.  Four have been mentioned in this lesson.

Take your disciple into the ministry

Discipleship is active. It is faith based. It involves a dynamic expression of obedience. Comfortable discipleship emphasizes personal conversation and discussing the "ideas" of the faith. Biblical discipleship puts those ideas in action. We must remember, what we do with our disciples is likely what they will do with their disciples.

Model the Christian Life

When it comes to learning how to live, how to act and how to behave, often more is caught than taught. Seeing a godly example is extremely informative. When ideas and concepts are lived out they become clear. Your life will be an example to your disciple. Invite them into your life and share not only your thoughts, but who you are.

Build a Strong Relationship

It pleases the Lord when his children have strong relationships. Within a relational context of trust and love we can learn many things. Part of the charm of discipleship is how it is supported by personal care. A shepherd lovingly cares for his sheep. We are to shepherd our disciples, encouraging, exhorting and correcting them in order to help them become faithful followers of Jesus.

Take your disciple to the Word

We need to constantly be in God's Word. His revealed truth teaches us how to think, what to believe and how to honor the Lord. Healthy discipleship is always attached to studying God's Word.