Best practices for working with Second Generation

Best practices for working with a Second Generation

We often pray, asking God to provide wisdom. The following practices have demonstrated to be profitable for those working with a second generation of disciples.

Increase the time you spend with your disciple who is learning how to lead others.

Working with people raises lots of questions and presents many challenges. Plan on being an active encourager. Take time to listen. Realize that the challenge of working with others will bring new character building opportunities for your disciple. Help your disciple make the most of those opportunities.

Get to know your second generation of disciples.

Just because these new students aren’t “your disciples” doesn’t mean you need to be detached or distant. In fact, it is difficult to pray for people we don’t know. We have the opportunity to be an encouragement and a positive influence in the lives of these students. Therefore, seek occasions when you can be part of their growth. Join them for a party. Go on a retreat together. Experience life together. This will probably encourage your disciple at lot.

Remember that you play a secondary role in the lives of your second generation.

As you work with your second generation make sure that you let your disciple lead. Be a support to his/her work. Guard against the temptation to subtly take over. Remind your disciple that you believe in him/her.

Pray for your disciples.

Ask the Lord to give them wisdom and the boldness necessary for their new step of faith. Ask the Lord to remind them of who they are in Christ and that he can do all things through them. Ask the Lord to bless their work as they raise up the next generation of disciples.