VOLT is a training program designed for students.  It was composed by people living and working in Eastern Europe and Russia.  The dream of those in this picture is that God will raise up student leaders who will build spiritual movements in all of the universities of the world.  We believe that God will do above and beyond all that we can ask or imagine.


VOLT is designed to be an introductory level training for people who want to make disciples.  Making disciples and building movements have been the focus of Campus Crusade for many years.  Some of the experience and wisdom that God has given to this movement is found within these lessons.  


The term "VOLT" is a convenient way to capture the concept of Volunteer Training (VOLT).  We are a group of volunteers choosing the unite in order to serve the Lord.  We are committed to Jesus.  We know that He has asked us to walk by faith and make disciples.  We work together to pursue these goals.   


For more information, go to www.slmconnect.org.