Што е ВОЛТ?

Course Objectives


1. To increase confidence and skill in sharing the gospel:

◊ Learn to trust God and creatively engage people as you share the gospel.

◊ Regularly take the intiative to share Christ.

2. To develop competency in leading new believers through their first steps of faith.

3. To understand and actively contribute to the growth of a spiritual movement, while experiencing God work through a community of like-hearted disciples.

4. To disciple others, imparting both one’s life and the Word of God.

5. To develop a habit of teaching others what you have learned.


How do I get started? 

Go to the lessons and look through the topics.  You will find many key themes that are foundational for building spiritual movements.   You will also find four follow-up lessons designed for new believers.  

Please note, each lesson takes you to God’s Word where you explore his instruction. The power of this training is found in one place - God’s Word. Take time to reflect and contemplate how you can be a faithful servant by observing all that God has commanded.

Most lessons culminate in faith steps. Trusting God we take action, putting into practice what we have learned.

As you start working through the VOLT lessons please log in using your Facebook account.  Once you do this, you answers will be saved. Each time you return to VOLT you will find your previous work within the lessons that you worked on.  If you don't log in, the system cannot save your answers.

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